Pulling Back the Curtain

I’m the woman behind the curtain, the temptress of opportunity. My name is Dawn McCaslin, and I’m an adventurer, writer, cat lover, traveler, chef…oh, the list is too long.Creator of She Unleashed

A friend once said that my super power was pushing people outside of their comfort zone and into a world of possibility. Yep. That about sums it up.

Why, you ask? Because this life is full of mind-blowing opportunities. Because there’s beauty in the unknown. Because mistakes and failure have made me stronger than I thought possible.

Because each and every day should be filled with depth, joy, inspiration, sensation, and wonderment. And I’ve seen too many brilliant women trapped by chains they’ve created for themselves, all the while wishing for something more.

So, I’m here to say you have my permission to explore your life. You have my support to experiment with destiny. You have my unyielding encouragement for any and all adventures you’ve wanted to achieve.

She Unleashed is about you. Yes, you. The amazing person reading these words. You are special, whether you know it or not. So, let’s clasp hands, stand on the precipice of greatness, and jump together – whether we soar or we fall, at least we had the courage to try.

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